Review | Twinepathy (IDIA, #1) by C.B. Cook

Book Synopsis:

Albany York has a secret.

Albany and her twin sister, Brooklyn, have spent years successfully hiding their telepathic connection. But when a girl falls unconscious at their doorstep, the girls learn that they might not be the only people in the world with extraordinary powers and that a memory thief is on the loose. As the twins try to help the girl find her memories, they discover that the superhero world might be bigger—and more dangerous—than they ever imagined.

Goodreads Rating: 4.32
My Rating: 3.25

♥ ♥ ♥



So despite my love of the idea of the story I found the book simply too one dimensional for me. . .? The world felt small and closed off and the characters to me seemed one dimensional as well.


The only character that somehow got my interest was Blaze . I was so intrigued by his character and I think it helped that his real name was never revealed.


But the writing style seemed too kiddy of a read to me. It was a quick read and even though I was amused by the characters I can’t help but somehow feel annoyed at how shallow they seemed to be. It seemed to be more of a Middle Grade book than a YA book. For someone like me, who has read a number of YA books my critique mind just can’t handle certain parts of the books (since I did read this for in exchange of a review).


It wasn’t all bad but this book is probably more for YA readers who are just getting a feel of the genre, who are just starting out and those who are looking for a quick, very light hearted read.





Twinepathy Cover

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