Review | The Selection Novellas by Kiera Cass

“True love is usually the most inconvenient kind.”


The Selection Novellas: Review



The Queen (The Selection, 0.4):


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“He was a mystery I was excited to solve”

This is probably my favorite novella. You will not only see the difference of the selection girls but also insider information on the relationship of Queen Amberly and King Clarkson and why the sweet queen chose to marry the ruthless king.


The selection girls here reminded me more of sisters rather than born enemies. Even though you don’t get to see and meet most of them anymore you will really see how most of them managed to form some kind of bad through their stay in the castle. They were portrayed to be much more open and loving in this time of the bookverse.


I love Queen Amberly and here I guess you would understand how she managed to fall I love with King Clarkson. I actually did end up hating him much less after reading this. This gained me so much respect for queen Amberly and how willing she was to face the challenge that I was shown to her.




The Prince (The Selection, 0.5):


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“It’s amazing how photography can capture just a split second of something exquisite.”

Even though the series is ultimately focused on America and Mason it is more on the relationship between the two and America individually. This novella however is more focused on Mason as a person. You get to see some of your favorite scenes in the point of view of Prince Maxon. In reading this novella first before ‘The One’ you’ll ultimately understand the decision that Mason makes in the end of the novel.


Maxons’s hobby of taking photos shows just how much he treasures the little things in life. Putting into consideration that he is a prince.




The Guard (The Selection, 2.5):


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“I FELT IT. Those threads that bound us together were still there. Perhaps they had frayed from the strain of the Selection, but they were still holding.”

There are so many things I wanted to know about Aspen and I was happy that this had more of the insight from character that I was looking for. I have to admit that I am a solid Team Mason but after reading this I was bit swayed. I guess I have to leave it to you figure what you fell about him but it really opened me up more to Aspen. You get to see understand more somehow how come Mer had a hard time picking between the two at some point in the story in the way the main series never did.




The Favorite (The Selection, 2.6):


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

“I’d rather have my last memory be of his death than suffer knowing that his last memory was of mine.”

Marlee Tames was both a love and a the at some point in the book for me. At one point I hated her because I felt that she was stealing Mason from Mer but I actually loved her so so much in the end. How can you hate someone as pure and as beautiful as Marlee??? I hated myself.


I also fell in love with Mr. Woodwork (he he he). I like how we actually get to know him here. You would understand how much Marlee loved him enough to get canned.


And can I just comment on how adorable the two of them are? They are so adorable, precious and sweet in a way you probably won’t understand before reading tis. It makes me want a love worth getting canned for *sigh*. At least we don’t live in that kind of world though (that bloodshed and those rebels), full of castes and where our life and path is dictated to us by a broken society full of abusive kings. Please don’t try to elate this to real life though, I do not take any responsibility on how you interpreted what I just said. . . typed. . . wrote. . . ohmygod this is confusing.




The thing I realized with these novellas is that they all somehow reflect a part of the relationship of America and Mason and in someway they all still do they tie up wth the main characters even though it isn’t exactly happening to their characters. This was a series that I really enjoyed and a series that opened up more people and friendships to me.


Ultimately you will understand that Kiera Cast just has a way with words and making everything seem sophisticated and regal that is better off not understanding too much and something that you should just let yourself enjoy.




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