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This is a guide, based on my experiences and what I do, for those who are looking for ways to find more buddies to read with, those who want to start buddy reading but don’t know how and those who just want to know more of how to buddy read on the internet.



First of all, if you are looking for online buddies the best way to find one, especially in a wide audience, is to get a Goodreads account. This is a no brainer.

Goodreads is where you can update your books, track you books and find real, living, breathing human being to converse with.



How to Buddy Read on Goodreads:

1. Making Friends. Sending friend requests to people with the same reading taste is one of the best way to find a buddy. Same reading tastes = higher possibility of having similar books on your TBRs.


When you find someone on Goodreads, it is best to check their favorites shelf if they have one, or just the books on their “read” shelf to see the books they have actually read and enjoyed. This can be made easier if you click on “compare books”. You’ll see all the books you have in common right away.


Send them a friend request if you like them.


Once they accept, feel free to ask them if they want to buddy read with you. Send them a message. Include the title of the book you want to read and discuss all the details from there (see: Organizing your Buddy Read when you have found a Buddy).


2. Joining Groups. Joining groups and discussion on Goodreads is a good way to make friends and find buddies to read with. A lot of groups have Group Buddy Reads like YA Buddy Readers’ Corner, and/or have set up a Buddy Read system for their members like Coffee Break – YA/NA.


Groups usually have their own style so I cannot really speak for all of them but this is a good way to Buddy Read, in my opinion.



Suggested Groups:

(these are only the groups I have personally have had a Buddy Read in)


Buddy Readers’ Corner has Group Buddy Reads that includes ARCs of certain books which the author send to the members of the group who signed up for it. You usually send you email and your name and all you have to do is send a review when you are done reading it. They also have Planned Buddy Reads for readers and members to know and prepare for in advance.


Coffee Break – YA/NA is one of my go-to Buddy Reads place. Their BR system is really organized. You can check out the books already signed up for Buddy Read and if you like one, just click on whoever signed it up and message them so you can start talking on the specifications. If you can’t find a book you want, just sign the book up for someone to find it. You can sign up by commenting on the “Buddy Reads Sign-Up” thread the title of your book/s and any specifications you want to go with it (how many books you want to read, when you want to read it, etc.). Once you have signed up, you will be added to the list by the moderator and you just have to wait until someone wants to Buddy Read it for you. When you and your Buddy are ready to go, just tell your moderator when you want to start and you will instantly be given a discussion board for the book/s and a start and end date (this can be changed by talking to the moderator if it is not enough for you guys).


3. Make yourself available. Make your account public is one way for people to easily find you and see your books. One of the best ways for Buddy Readers to find you is to create a “favorites” shelf that features you favorite books and the kind of books that you just enjoy reading. This would definitely attract other readers like you and you are bound to make friends who like the same books as you do.



Organizing your Buddy Read when you have found a Buddy:

1. Talk about specifications. Tell your buddy what book you want to read and talk about a good time to start it for you both. Also, talk about if you have a certain number of pages to read everyday, every week or if you are going to be doing it on your own paces.


2. If you are both in the same group, create a discussion post about it for both of you to comment on and for others to contribute to as well.


3. Discuss the book. You have a buddy for a reason. Talk to them. Be sure not to spoil them in parts that they have not reached yet. Ask them where they are, fangirl to them, and just talk about the book. Use your buddy as motivation to read the book since that is why you looked for a buddy in the first place



Lastly, don’t forget about your buddy and be sure to converse and talk to them. If you find someone who you are most comfortable buddy reading with, don’t let them go! Ask them if they are open for another Buddy Read in the future, you never know when you might need one.





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