Review | Lovesick by Jean Flynn




Book Synopsis:


Beth is an absolute wreck. She is certain that she has some kind of disease — a fatal one, most likely. She is also very single and quite keen on her (boss) colleague, Dr Brendan Roberts. He seems to fancy her, too — well, until The Morning After. Beth knows it’s time to sort out her messy life, but she has no idea where to start.

Enter Shane — a slightly disheveled forklift driver. He may not be suave or wealthy, but he does laugh at Beth’s jokes and remember how she likes her coffee. Plus, the more they hang out, the healthier she feels.

But when Shane suddenly cuts off all communication, Beth starts to think there’s no such thing as The One, and she decides to stop being slapdash and move on. Only life is never that simple, and Beth must take a chance if she hopes to find the cure to her ills.

Lovesick is a big-hearted romance about getting sick, getting better and taking risks.


Genre: Romance, Fiction (Adult)

My Rating: 2.00

♥ ♥


First thing I thought about this book was how common the title of it was (I found around 13 books with the same exact title!), but when I actually got to reading it I realized that it was actually a pretty clever title for the book and actually fits it.


For me, I personally don’t like the theme of the book. The first part was pretty slow and it took time for Shane to even be introduced into the story. Though, I loved Shane a lot and his character here. Kelly is my favorite female character in this book though with how constant she was and she was just perfect for her role in the story. The perfect fictional best friend. This book was pretty much insta-love and I have to admit I’m not a fan of it first of all, especially when it isn’t executed properly. So this might have also had an impact on the story for me, you know.


The plot of the book was not something I liked and I got bored of following even though Shane and Beth were okay as a love ship.


It was good enough that I found myself caring for the characters (actually just Shane, what a sweetie), but not much for the plot and the story itself.

I couldn’t care less about what happens in the book but I did find myself missing certain characters.


Their boss person who she slept with was so annoying and I didn’t like how he was part of the book period. I got so irritated with him and I couldn’t understand why she liked him aside from he was good looking. Where is the depth? It all felt shallow to me. And the thing is. . . it took up 1/4 of the story and I really don’t think it helped with the plot whatsoever. It would have been better if you just cut off all his scenes completely because I’m sorry, but I just hated him a lot.








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