Character Discussion | Sebastian Morgenstern | TMI spoilers

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“If I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell.”


Sebastian Morgenstern is a character I have a lot of things to say about.


In case some of you don’t know, I love anti-heroes and complex characters. There is just so much to their characters, a lot more to explore and not at all predictable. It gives the story more depth and makes it much more interesting.



Introduction. First of all, what a beautiful name and a beautiful face for someone so evil. Secondly, Sebastian’s character was introduced to us in the second half of the series, City of Fallen Angels, and even then, he wasn’t even introduced as Sebastian. He didn’t even have the same hair color at the start and at the end of this series. And speaking for myself, I was completely in love with him. Cassandra Clare made me fall in love with him. And Spoiler Alert: I don’t hate him. . .at all. At the end of the series Sebastian was also revealed to actually be Clary’s brother (woah). His real name was also revealed as Jonathan Morgenstern, but of course, who calls him that? That’s Jace’s name.



The Beginning. As I said, Sebastian was only introduced to us in City of Fallen Angels despite him having such a big role in the story in general. If I remember correctly, I think he was introduced into the story as one of the Lightwood’s cousin. . .? Or somebody’s cousin. . . ? correct me if I’m wrong because I can no longer remember the details.




From the start there was already something fishy about him and all that mysterious build up really affected my love for him. He was introduced so nonchalantly that when the plot twist came nobody was ready for it. *pats C.C. on the back* good job.


Him, in general. In case you have yet to figure it out, Sebastian is one of my favorite characters in this series despite him being the villain. To me, and other readers out there, he is just not evil. He may be the villain of the story but evil depends on where you stand. In the end, I think he just didn’t want to be alone.


Can you just imagine. . .

1) Having a father who favors a boy who isn’t even his son and a daughter whom he has never even met over his real son.

2) A sister who hates you.

3) A mother who has cast you out as a monster.

4) A ‘family’ who wants nothing to do with you.

5) Never being allowed to leave this one place but being able to see just how wonderful the rest of the world is.


He was bound to rebel one way or another. Or go completely crazy. In this case, both. His character is so complex that I was so amazed at how easily his character spoke to me. He made me want to keep reading and reading more about him that I probably wold have read a sequel series focused on him. . . if he was alive.


Death. I will never be over this. This was what made everything so heartbreakingly tragic. I’m not kidding. This is the one book that made me sob so uncontrollably hard with a four-word sentence:

“His eyes were green.”


I am completely speaking for myself here but when I was reading that scene and that chapter I was already so ready to cry with one touch and this completely did it for me. I was a sobbing mess. He gave himself up for Clary after everything and I just have no words for it. If there is one person he loves, it’s Clary, his sister.. Even if he has different ways of showing it. Sebastian Morgenstern is truly the wonder of The Mortal Instruments series.


“Sebastian loved her, she thought; if he loved anyone, he loved his sister, and if there was anyone who knew how deadly it was to be loved by someone like Sebastian, it was Jocelyn.”


How do I hate someone like this. This beautiful, sassy (they all are though) creation!! My baby. And if you still don’t understand why I love him. . . read this:



“Imagine if you were the last Shadowhunter left on earth, imagine if all your family and friends were dead, imagine if there were no one left who even believed in what you were. Imagine if you were on the earth in a billion, billion years, after the sun had scorched away all the life, and you were crying out from inside yourself for just one single living creature to still draw breath alongside you, but there was nothing, only rivers of fire and ashes. Imagine being that lonely. and then imagine there was only one way to fix it. Then imagine what you would do to make that thing happen.”




The boy who just wanted a family. The one that is proof that nobody is born evil. The one who was made out to be the greatest evil the Shadowhunters have ever seen. . . but still gave up his very life for his sister. This is Sebastian Morgenstern. The Fallen Angel.



Ave atque vale,





8 thoughts on “Character Discussion | Sebastian Morgenstern | TMI spoilers

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  1. Exactly! He is one of my favorite characters ever and one of the reasons why I read the books over and over again! Wish there was a sequel about him…

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  2. First series that comes to mind is the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. I can’t really say that he’s the villain because most of the characters in the series are gray instead of black and white. Which I absolutely adore ❤

    I definitely recommend it.


  3. I’ve read the series years ago and up till now I’m still in love with Sebastian’s character. And now I’m stuck looking for book characters similar to him, but to no avail, T^T

    Can you suggest books with interesting villains perhaps? :))))

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  4. If I may add a correction? Sebastian was in fact first introduced in City of Glass as Sebastian Verlac. However, the vast amount of his character was not introduced until later on. Just thought I’d put it out there 🙂

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  5. I think what Sebastian did was unforgivable, but I was also really fascinated by his character. I loved that he wasn’t your typical “black and white” villain–he had complex motives, he was clever, he was easy to empathize with and easy to admire. I’m also a little ashamed to admit that he was probably my favorite villain in that series, and maybe one of my favorite characters. :’)

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