Review | The House at 758 by Kathryn Berla

“keep adding to your life – a little bit this, a little bit that,”




Book Synopsis:


Sixteen year old Krista is still grieving the untimely death of her mother when her father’s new girlfriend moves into their home. He’s already moved on and wants Krista to do the same, but she’s not ready to resume a normal life yet. Distancing herself from those around her, Krista spends all of her time obsessively watching a mysterious house, the house at 758.

When a fellow classmate, Jake, takes a sudden interest in her, Krista feels excited for the first time in two years, but feelings of guilt consume her, and she ends up pushing Jake away. It isn’t until her grandfather makes a surprise visit from Venezuela that Krista is finally able to confront her grief and begin to let things go.


Edition: Paperback

Publishing Date: October 17, 2017

Publisher: Amberjack Publishing

Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781944995249

Goodreads Rating: 3.79

My Rating: 4.30






I didn’t know what to feel about this book at first, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. It made me feel giddy and nervous at the same time and that’s really rare for me.


It is about love, loss, acceptance, and everything that goes with it.


I like the family aspect of the book because not a lot of YA books do that nowadays. The book is focused on both the teen individual’s life and the family in general. The plot is something that I know a low of teenagers who are going through the same thing would be able to relate to.


There are certain things about the ‘love story’ that I still find too cliche but even I have to admit that it was pretty cute and again, still managed to make me feel giddy.


This was just so mysterious.


“but dont go with hate in your heart”


this is a lowkey beautiful book  ( I didn’t even know this was possible )







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