#1 | unlovable characters

starting this new concept that I thought of. . .


this is practically like one of those relatable quotes/tweets/posts that you see everywhere. . . but with books (and a dash of my own realizations).


not really focused on one concept or anything as long as it is related to books


I understand that not everyone will probably relate to every relatable that I will be posting and that’s totally okay. This is my blog, my opinions and ideas and I hope we can all be respectful when expressing our own :))


hope y’all enjoy this new segment 😉





#1 | unlovable characters



just like how in real-life, we don’t actually choose the people we fall in love with, it just happens.


if we really are truly engrossed and invested into the story and the book that we are reading, we don’t get to decide if we will end up loving a certain character or not


not everyone will love that character that you have fallen in love with and not everyone will be able to understand but that’s all okay. this might be an unpopular opinion but books will always be our own interpretation and therefore, we will always end up with totally new and different perspectives on how we see different characters and how they speak to us personally and individually.


some might say that this character is ‘evil’, but if they aren’t ‘evil’ to you, don’t base everything on their opinion on the matter,


love your unlovable characters. they need you.



characters will always end up with what we make them out to be. it will always be up to us, the readers.

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