#2 | damaged has a story


if I tore the whole cover of a book off. . .


would the story change?





#2 | damaged has a story



there was a time when I would never – ever – buy a damaged book. and this also seemed to be the mentality of every other reader out there. damaged book = no buy


I soon learned to love and buy these so called “damaged books” after I realized that all my books are going to end up fading and wearing out over the years. these damaged books, that you buy in the book stores would just have a dent in the corder or a small wrinkle.


and also: if this was all the other people buying books there thought of, then who would buy it? the stories inside them are still the same, they don’t change, what the difference?


books are seriously my babies,

I would love them in any form ♥


I like seeing my books having their own edge rather than look like all the other mass produced books out there. just like readers wanting to get those limited edition books (a talk for another time) because not everyone will have them.


This does not mean that I would buy a book that has huge, half-page, rips in the covers and the pages, or one that has coffee spilled on the pages. but I would still definitely buy a book that has a few dents on it rather one that is perfect all over.


And to be honest. . . these few dents on the books remind me that I don’t need to be so careful with the book itself because what makes a book truly extraordinary is what is inside the words written on it, the world that it is hiding.




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