#3 | judging a book by it’s cover


sometimes you have to admit. . .


covers do play a role on whether you pick up a book or not when walking around the bookstore





#3 | judging a book by its cover


I know this is somewhat like putting prejudice on a book but sometimes I have to admit to myself that book covers have a play when you are walking around a bookstore while looking for a book.


I am not saying that I would buy the book just for the pretty cover but it would definitely make me want to read the plot or the synopsis of the book to see if it is worth picking up.


Book covers also say a lot about the quality of the physical book and if a lot of people are interested in it. If a lot of people buy it, you would usually see the book covers in much better paper quality and much more aesthetically pleasing designs (mostly).


I am really hoping no one bashes me for this.


All I am saying is that good quality covers just seem so much more practical to buy since you want books that will be able to last long on your shelf. Especially when it comes to books that you love. Or that you could possibly love.


And sometimes I really just like it much more when they pay attention to the subtle details of cover designs. I just want covers that are able to portray what is inside the book but at the same time be something that readers can appreciate once they actually finish reading the book or even while they read just a section of it.


Not something to just look at exactly, but more on the details that relate it to what is inside of each book.


I enjoy seeing just how unique book cover designers can be.




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  1. I know, right? It isn’t judging it at all but being the first impression you get, like, the book being flashing to the eye makes me feel interested to the story. And I loooove those covers with subtle details about the story

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