Books I Loved in June

This a bit of a continuation of my June Wrap Up because I only had 12 books up. I definitely read more than that so this list has 3 (4 actually) more of the books I read in the later part of June and I absolutely loved them all.


June 2019 Reading Wrap Up (more than 12 books!)

I'm so happy to be back in the reading spirit after about about a year of hiatus. I read more than 12 books this past June so I'm only going to be sharing 12 of them here. I decided that I'll be adding the books that I don't really get to talk about on my blog and those that don't have full fledged reviews posted here. That being said, there are books that are missing from this list and I'll probably make a separate post for those since there are ones that I really did love.

May 2019 Reading Wrap Up

Me? Doing a Wrap Up? Unheard of!!

HAHA I thought this was something you guys might like because I do not always get to post the book reviews on this blog of all the books I've read. If I do, they're not always in the same month so I thought I might try this out (even if it's super late since June is almost over).

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