This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form. Please use this page for review requests, business requests, and epub requests.

1st Contact Form: Authors/Publishers/Publicists ONLY

2nd Contact Form: Readers asking for a copy of a book or anyone who wants to contact me 🙂



**If you are an Author/Publisher/Publicist asking for a review or a promo, please use this contact page to communicate with me or reach out through … Make sure you have read my Review Policy. I really like working with authors to help promote their books so do not be afraid to ask.


**If you are requesting for a copy of a book, please note that I do not send out copies for any of my ARCs (Advance Review Copies). I may either send a copy of the book you are requesting to your email (please make sure that the e-mail you send works and that you have already checked my Ebook Links first) or post it. I do get a ton of e-mails so my apologies in advance if I do not get to answer them on time or at all. Nevertheless, I try my best to at least post books that are requested by a lot of readers.


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