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Star rating for books :



★★★★★ :  No question. I loved it until the worlds beyond! Non-stop fingirling over the awesome epicness of the book.

★★★★☆ :  I liked the book but there are some things I can’t overlook. I still definitely recommend it though!!

★★★☆☆ :  This book was good. I enjoyed it but not enough to get 4 stars or technicalities got in the way.

★★☆☆☆ :  I did not enjoy this book as much. Or just not a book for me.

★☆☆☆☆ :  Not a book for me and did not enjoy.


I accept review requests for the following genres :

  • young adult fantasy
  • young adult romance
  • fiction (NA & YA)
  • contemporary
  • romance
  • science fiction & fantasy
  • poetry


*Review request emails should include book title, book synopsis and author. Please note that I do only accept books that I find interesting (I am easy to please). I usually only accept ebook (epub format preferably) formats for read to review types of books.


I have the write to decline review requests for specific and personal reasons.

contact me by clicking on the ‘contact‘ page on the navigation bar.


Regarding reviews:

Navigation for reviews is part at the upper part of the page of this blog. Full reviews are always posted on this blog and only the shorter versions or the initial reviews are posted on my Goodreads account.


Book recs include the ebook link w/ the cover of the book, the whole series (if applicable), cover rating and title thoughts.


Reviews are mostly spoiler free unless I have stated in in the blog post itself.


for: ARC reviews & review requests 

– posted depending on the publisher/author’s request

– most Netgalley ARCs are posted at least a week before the publishing date that was given to me on NEtgalley


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